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You've got the training and certificate. You need a platform to practice.


Majority of our members will go on to earn income while promoting themselves.


We can be at your event live. You can contact us to create a TV Drama for you or your company. You can discuss with us for a live performance. We have got what it takes to spice up your event with our entertainment services.
Why Practice at Film Arena?

Film Arena gives you opportunity to act side by side with professionals and people of like minds. The rehearsals are fun-filled and you have opportunities to showcase your skills and connect.

Opportunities & Fees

Members of the Film Arena are notified through e-mail of an upcoming event or audition for its movies. It's free to attend our Screen Acting Seminars. Members only contribute fees to the movies they are selected to feature in.

The Idea

Multimeans Media International creates Film Arena as its social responsibility programme to offer young actors/actresses and interested Theatre Arts students a platform to showcase their talents through live performance.

Ready to Join Us?

It's free to join Film Arena. Members however will be required to pay a token to sponsor film/TV Dramas they wish to participate in. To be given a role in FA movies, you must have been a member of FA for a minimum of 3 months. To join, click on Register menu on this website.

Build your acting skills and connect with people of like mind.

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Film Arena

Promoting entertainers and turning talents into skills
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Give a Donation

We solicit for sponsorship by corporate bodies and government. If you like our concept of offering a platform for talented persons to master the screen as a gateway to trasforming their talents into income earning abilities, donate to support our cause.


Benefits of Donors

For government, it empowers us as part of its job and wealth creation efforts to empower people.

Organisations and individuals, will have their adverts and messages placed during our seminars and if possible on our films. For special arrangement to sponsor our TV Drama, get in touch.

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